Our People

You may be surprised by the people and the talent at Miller Haviland Ketter PC, PA.  Certainly you will be impressed. We are skilled Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s), Auditors, Analysts, Managers, Trainers and Leaders.

Everyone working for you is exceptionally qualified. Every team member has the talent, formal education, years of direct experience and continual training to keep you and your business on track and ready for what’s to come. Our accountants and CPA’s know their industry and kept abreast of trends. That’s why we have been one of the leading accounting firms in the Kansas City area, delivering accounting and financial strategies and solutions to our clients since 1983.  Our partners have more than 80 years of combined experience. Our accomplished team brings a lifetime of experience to work for you.

Now you know something about us and our capabilities, but there’s more…

There’s more to our people. You’ll find we are good people as well as great accountants.  You’ll meet everyone on our team, and we think you’ll like working with us.  Even though we’re accountants, we can be very creative (within the limits of the law, of course)!

There’s more of a commitment to our community. MHK is one of metropolitan Kansas City’s most successful locally owned accounting firms.  This is our home, and our clients are our neighbors. We are interested and active in local organizations and causes.

There’s more in it for you. When you need us, we’re close by and we respond. You will always have at least one senior partner working directly on your account and ready to take your call.

There’s more to be saved. Our fees are reasonable without excessive overhead, multiple middle managers and big travel budgets. We’ll save you from worrying and wondering because we’ll get the job done right, and we’ll keep you posted as work progresses. And we’ll save you time.